Hwa Chong Institution


Why We Exist:  Our School Mission

Mission: To nurture leaders in Research, Industry and Government to serve the nation.


Where We Are Heading:  Our School Vision

Vision:  Defining Holistic Education and Empowering our Future Leaders to Live with Passion and Lead with Compassion.


Our Aim and Motivation of Positive Education

In Hwa Chong, we believe that effective future leaders who can serve the nation, needs to be equipped with knowledge and skills of well-being to empower them to Live with Passion and Lead with Compassion.

To serve the nation, which is calling out for higher levels of happiness (well-being) and greater emphasis on values, the school can do so effectively by teaching concepts of well-being and providing an environment that cultivates well-being and good values. 

Positive Education in Hwa Chong forms the heart of one of the four main strategic thrusts of the institution – “Meaning and Purpose in Life” for the period 2012 – 2016 and “Values and Inclusiveness” in our 2017-2021. It is an integral part of the school’s Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) framework (See below).



Using Positive Psychology concepts to operationalise existing CCE aims