Positive Education at Da Qiao Primary School

Positive Education at Da Qiao Primary School

October 29, 2020

Seven years of exploration in the field of PosEd to bring wellbeing to the fore of teaching and learning has created a common language that has strengthened the bond between staff and students at Da Qiao Primary School. The school has made significant progress through its Teach, Embed and Live approach towards the infusing the skills of wellbeing so much so that the culture of the school has been transformed.

Since 2012, Da Qiao Primary has sustained its PosEd practices through learning from evidence-based research in wellbeing and structuring progressive training on Positive Psychology for its staff. The school has sustained its practices through the establishment of a structure of TEL in PosEd guided by the overarching philosophy that Everyone Can Flourish in a Flourishing School with Happy and Confident Learners.

In Da Qiao, the five aspects of wellbeing (PERMA) are taught, practised and “lived” by both staff and students.  The school prides itself in its practice of mindfulness, growth mindset and gratitude and has lived out our  motto of “doing good and feeling good” to ensure a flourishing  school community.

Students Our Focus

Our Primary 1 to Primary 6 students engage in age-appropriate community work and practise Mindfulness in reading, eating and breathing In addition, students explore activities that they have not tried before at one-hour recess periods called YOLO (You Only Live Once).

Mindfulness means staying stay in the present moment and be conscious of the now

Teachers the Key

As one of the first few schools in Singapore to integrate PosEd, the school went beyond impacting its own staff to sharing at various national and international platforms since 2014.

The school took professional development a step further by organising the inaugural Symposium for Positive Education in 2017 and the Learning Fest on Positive Education in 2018 attracting full house responses for both events. The inaugural Symposium for Positive Education 2017 attracted more than 400 key personnel from primary school to junior colleges.

The Da Qiao experience has been captured in a book by Guidance Branch, Ministry of Education entitled, Strengthening Positive TSR:Learning from the Journeys of Seven Schools.  

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