13 February 2021
How Mindfulness Can Help In Making More Skillful Decisions
Every day, we make numerous decisions, from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed. Decision research has identified numerous limitations, problems, and biases in human decision making, including overconfidence, confirmation bias, and self-motivated reasoning.
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6 January 2021
Enhancing Positive Peer Relationships through the Teaching of History in the Upper Secondary Classroom
This article focuses on enhancing positive peer relationships in upper secondary students, in an effort to enhance interconnectedness within a class, and promote a collective learning style towards meeting this psychological need.
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17 October 2020
Positive Education: Teaching Well-being in Schools
Schools in the 21st century play more complex roles in educating the young. More than moulding minds, schools bear an increasing responsibility in cultivating the character and well-being of the students who come to their fold.
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16 October 2020
Positive Learning Ecosystem
Traditional education has been focused on “gaining knowledge”, rather than building capabilities to interact with the real world. Of course, possessing knowledge is an important part of capability. However, developing well adapted people to constructively participate in, and contribute to, society requires application skills and social confidence in addition to this knowledge.
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14 October 2020
Gratitude Research Study (Northbrooks Secondary School)
In 2019, Northbrooks Secondary School embarked on a 10-week programme, in collaboration with Dr Imelda Santos Caleon, to investigate whether gratitude can improve student well-being.
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