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1 - 2 Nov 2021

Using Emotional Intelligence In The Classroom

This is a course to equip teachers with the EQ skills which will give them an understanding of both self and others. It will enrich their teacher-student relationship, give them tools to teach character education, and help them create a productive workplace.

This course will enable teachers to:

  • Identify and understand emotions and the patterns they take
  • Navigate a path between conflicting emotions while strengthening values
  • Connect daily choices with their overarching sense of purpose

This course will also give teachers practical tips on how to:

  • Conduct a debrief
  • Facilitate a discussion
  • Respond to difficult questions

Good takeaways from this workshop:

  • Understanding EQ from different perspectives
  • The sharing and experiences of Mrs Belinda Charles
  • Use language intentionally. It's about managing your emotions rather than emotions managing you
  • The different ways we can develop empathy in students
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8 - 9 Nov 2021

Engaging Parents

Teachers find it difficult to know how to respond to parents positively and constructively.

This course will help school staff

  • See parents in the big picture of the school
  • Know their own educational philosophy
  • Identify some life principles
  • Develop some techniques for engagement

Target Audience: Key Personnel, Admin Managers, Year Heads and Assistant Year Heads

Good takeaways from this workshop

  • Learn to see the parents' perspectives and work on common interests.
  • Learn to turn parents from weakness to opportunities/strengths. Tips and strategies from Ms Charles and fellow colleagues on engaging parents for the various common scenarios.
  • The workshop is well-paced and had an appropriate number of interactive activities. Mrs Charles was able to relate to our feelings as teachers and was able to address our questions to her level best.
  • Mastery of engaging parents and handling difficult parents.
  • Parents are our partners, our comrades, not our nemesis. So keep our hearts at peace when working with them.
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25 Sep 2021

Making Research on Well-being Accessible and Meaningful to Practitioners

How can we make research on wellbeing meaningful and accessible to practitioners? This panel discussion features perspectives from multiple education stakeholders. The session involves two researchers who will share about the findings of their research on well-being, which draws on the principles of positive psychology, and then present some suggestions on how their findings can be potentially utilised in school settings. They will also share about how they support practitioners to make sense of their findings and facilitate the adaptation and application of their research findings at schools.

Providing the practitioner voice during the session is a secondary school principal who has more than three years of experience in implementing well-being programmes in school. He will share about how he utilised research on positive psychology and formed networks with various groups to inform the conceptualisation and implementation of such programmes. He will also share about the challenges of fostering well-being in schools and how he and his team dealt with such challenges.

The discussant, who works closely with teachers to translate insights from research into practical classroom applications, will represent the perspective of curriculum developers and policymakers.

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22 Sep 2021

Understanding Adolescent Mental Health: Psychotherapy Talk + Course Preview

Many mental health issues emerge in late childhood and early adolescence. Poor mental health can have a negative impact on adolescents’ physical health and overall development.

Adolescents who experience mental health issues may face challenges such as academic difficulties, poor interpersonal relationships, low self-esteem and maladaptive substance use. However, early detection and treatment can prevent the deterioration of the mental health condition.

Join us as we look into the signs and symptoms of common mental health problems in adolescents, and ways we can provide initial support.

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15 Sep 2021 - 13 Oct 2021

Positive Leadership Masterclasses: How to Build Strong Teams

Leaders influence 70% of employees’ Engagement and Performance.

But only 1 in 4 leaders do this well. This is why we need more deeply human leaders.

To motivate employees and enable organisations to shift from merely surviving to sustainably thriving in this new normal, there is a need to solve problems and create new strategies from a human angle.

Leaders have the opportunity to be the multipliers of their people’s capacities and activate the energy and organisational climate that is needed for this crucial shift. But do you know how to do so?

This masterclass series go straight to the core of what make leaders impactful. We focus on practical high challenge and high support methods that you can immediately bring into your leadership practice.

In these masterclasses, you will gain:

  1. Practical learnings on leadership and self that are immediately applicable in the daily practice.
  2. Understanding on how to use a Growth Mindset to constructively create your personal leadership approach.
  3. Ability to activate your team to thrive, perform and be successful.
  4. Ability to foster psychological safety and engagement in the team.
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