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30 May - 1 June 2023

The Wellbeing Educator

Come join us for the international launch of The Wellbeing Distillery's exciting new professional learning experience. This unique opportunity combines rich learnings from TWD's online The Wellbeing Educator course with live presentations, discussions, and insights from TWD's cofounders and directors. Justin Robinson and David Bott, two of the worlds most experienced and sought-after wellbeing education practitioners, invite you to experience and learn thirty immediately implementable, high-impact, evidence-informed practical tactics to enhance teacher wellbeing and performance.

Now, more than ever, it doesn't matter if you're teaching Grade 1 or Grade 12, every teacher is a wellbeing educator! The Wellbeing Educator blends science, theory, and practice into a course for educators and school leaders who believe in the importance of wellbeing, and for those who are interested in discovering practical wisdom and tactical applications to help inspire teachers to 'be well and perform well'.

This live, three-day experience, The Wellbeing Educator - Experiential Tactics Edition, provides all participants with 12 months access to the 15-module online The Wellbeing Educator course (valued at AUD$295pp), and then extends and enriches participant learning by providing deep, personal engagement with 30 practical, powerful wellbeing tactics.

Each tactic describes an intentional action with a specific outcome that enhances the effectiveness of classroom teachers. The nuances of each of the 30 tactics will be discussed and explored to optimise impact within the unique culture of each school community and classroom.

Course Learning Outcomes:

The Wellbeing Educator course is about change - changing the way teachers care for their own wellbeing and changing the way educators teach in such a way that enhances student connection, engagement, and learning.

Based on the Wellbeing Distillery's Way to Wellbeing, which develops the pinnacle wellbeing asset - RESILIENCE, adopts the perspectives of CHARACTER STRENGTHS and MINDFULNESS, embraces the pillars of SLEEP, NUTRITION, and EXERCISE, attunes the wellbeing vectors of VALUES, GOALS, HABITS and BOUNDARIES, and explores the wellbeing elements of PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment). Participants will gain access to online modules that explore foundational and emerging empirical science for each of these vital fifteen wellbeing components.

Dates: 30, 31 May and 1 June 2023 (3-day workshop)
TIme: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Closing date of registration: 28 April 2023 Friday

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7 March 2023

Introduction to Mindful Self-Compassion

Research demonstrates that self compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing, maintenance of healthy habits such as diet and exercise, and satisfying personal relationships. It has also been shown to reduce anxiety, depression, stress and burnout. In this introductory session, we will be exploring how Mindful Self-Compassion practice can help us live with more kindness, self-appreciation, and resilience towards life's challenges.

Our speaker: Dr. Tanya Tierney
Tanya is a British educator who has lived in Singapore since 2012. With a background in student wellbeing and teaching communication skills and compassion to medical students, Tanya has expanded her teaching interests to include mindfulness and self-compassion. Through her own practice, she has developed strategies to attend to her own wellbeing and thus be more present for her students. She has taught mindfulness to students, educators, clinicians and members of the public and has completed her teacher training for MSC (Center for Mindful Self-Compassion) and MBSR (UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness/SMU).

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22 February 2023

February Workshop: Emotions Agility

Like physical agility, emotional agility is important for overall health, well-being, and successful relationships at school and at work. In this workshop, students will learn how to navigate and achieve emotional agility with themselves in a courageous, curious and compassionate way in everyday life.

Registration closes on 20 February 2023, Monday at 12pm

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2 February 2023

Building Strategic Awareness and Decision-Making Competence for an Epoch of Disruptive Change

Today's fundamental questions of wealth and poverty and the ongoing tectonic changes in the world require a radically new, integrative mindset and heightened strategic awareness. We cannot tackle the challenges we face individually and as humankind unless we drastically improve our decision-making and leadership capabilities. Mindfulness-based Strategic Awareness Training - MBSAT is designed to strengthen and systematically cultivate these abilities. It is based on the latest findings in neuroscience and moulded into a format that allows active people to include the training practices in their daily lives. The lecture will provide an introduction to the MBSAT training methodology and its neuroscientific foundations and let participants experience a fresh approach to practice mindfulness for improving decision-making.

Closing date for registration: 1 February 2023

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4 Jan 2023 - 1 Apr 2023

Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU

A mindfulness-based approach to stress reduction emphasizes the helpful role that awareness and openness can play in facing stressors, and ultimately, leading a richer life. Rather than trying to make stressors disappear from life, or controlling them entirely, we will try to learn how to become more aware of the stressors in our lives and how they impact us. Rather than rejecting or suppressing challenges in our life, we will try to investigate them openly. With kindness and self-compassion we will attempt to accept reality as it is in the here-and-now. In this well-researched MBSR course, on the basis of such openness and acceptance, and with the help of formal and informal mindfulness practices, we can then make wiser choices and develop thinking styles, behaviors and habits that are conducive to stress reduction and prevention, and to leading life more fully.

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