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12 January - 27 April 2021

Mindfulness-Based Strategic Awareness for Decision Making & Leadership

Specially designed to enhance decision making for leaders and any person aspiring skillful decision-making to ensure sustainable wellbeing, this course aims to cultivate in participants an open, receptive and generative mind, free from the preconceptions and cognitive distortions that cloud judgement and behaviours.

It is a training programme especially designed for the workplace and individuals confronting the challenges of an active life. As such it addresses specifically a non-clinical population.

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22 January 2021

Well-Being During The COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond: Positive Psychology & Education Perspectives

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on learning and teaching. School closures have been implemented in 188 countries upending learning and teaching of more than 1.7 billion students and their families (OECD, 2020). The deleterious effects of COVID-19 are immediately instantiated in potential learning loss. The pandemic, however, has a long reach and studies have shown that well-being and other mental health problems have tripled during the pandemic.

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21 January 2021 & 28 January 2021, 8 - 9.30pm

Well-being Series: Relationship

“No man is an island,” (as John Donne professes) emphasizes the innate human nature to be social. The recent World Happiness Report estimated that a third of our happiness comes from the supportive relationships that we have. Yet many of our problems are also related to relationships, be it romantic or platonic. The research around relationships has much insight to offer.

How can we develop quality relationships that can benefit ourselves and others?

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12 November 2020 - 6 December 2020

Happiness Conference 2020

  • Interested in the science and practice of happiness and well-being?
  • Over a year of preparation
  • Numerous revisions due to COVID-19
  • Happiness Conference 2020 has finally evolved into this very ACCESSIBLE virtual format.
  • Benefits: allows for more participants and more international experts.

Do join us and kindly share with your friends who may benefit from these insights too.


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27-29 October 2020

IPEN 2020 Wellbeing in Education

IPEN is excited to announce our 2020 virtual conference on Wellbeing in Education. Join us from your school, university, office or home and enjoy two days of keynotes, practical workshops, panel discussions and Ignite power talks.

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