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10 July 2023 (Orientation)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course by Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU (Intake 7)


A mindfulness-based approach to stress reduction emphasizes the helpful role that awareness and openness can play in facing stressors, and ultimately, leading a richer life. Rather than trying to make stressors disappear from life, or controlling them entirely, we will try to learn how to become more aware of the stressors in our lives and how they impact us. Rather than rejecting or suppressing challenges in our life, we will try to investigate them openly. With kindness and self-compassion we will attempt to accept reality as it is in the here-and-now. In this well-researched MBSR course, on the basis of such openness and acceptance, and with the help of formal and informal mindfulness practices, we can then make wiser choices and develop thinking styles, behaviors and habits that are conducive to stress reduction and prevention, and to leading life more fully.

Is This Course For You?

The course is open to the general public and invites anyone who would like to live a life with less stress and more awareness. Beginners are welcome. No prior knowledge or, or experience with, mindfulness practices is required. In case you have any acute or chronic mental or physical illness, you are required to approach Mindfulness Initiative @ SMU to arrange a conversation with your course instructor (via email, phone, or face-to-face) to determine whether this course is suitable for you. Instructors may, at their discretion, not accept individuals into the course. In such cases, a full refund of the course fee will be given.

Read more about the course here.

Fees & Discounts

The course is approved for WDA SkillsFuture Credit subsidy subject to all eligibility criteria being met. Click here to learn more. On top of that, large discounts are offered to past mindfulness graduates and the SMU Community as well!

Please contact us for more details on discounts offered.

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2 Nov 2023, Thurs 8:00PM - 9:30PM (Monthly)

Join an online session on Emotions (Singapore) - Action for Happiness Group

Welcome to the 10 Keys to Happier Living group in Singapore - run by our wonderful volunteers Luciana Maria & Yan Lin.

10 Keys Groups provide the opportunity to gather, either virtually or face-to-face and meet with like-minded people to learn about the 10 Keys to Happier Living - evidence-based ways to create a happier and more meaningful life - and how to put them into action.

10 Keys Groups are a great way to meet like-minded people locally, learn more about how to live a happy and meaningful life and find actions you can take to support yourself and others.

Each session will include:

We use mindfulness practice, gratitude exercises and reflecting on positive actions to help us tune in to what matters and to focus on what’s good. Tuning in gives us an opportunity to get to know each other, recognise how we’re feeling and practice mindfulness and gratitude.

We get inspired by hearing a reflection on the theme from the science of happiness through a short video or reading and speak to one another about our own experiences too. Connecting gives us an opportunity to learn about the month’s topic and how it relates to happier living, discuss some questions and learn from one another’s lived experiences.

This is the most important part of the session, as it is where we get to implement our learning. Inspired by the discussion, everyone commits to an action they’d like to take over the month ahead. Taking action gives us an opportunity to set small, manageable goals to put into practice what we’ve learnt and gradually nudge how we feel over time.

Underpinning the session are our ‘Five Golden Rules’ which are designed to ensure participants agree to principles to respect and support each other:

We really listen to each other.
We practice giving each other our full attention and valuing the perspectives, experiences and insights that everyone brings.

We are open about our feelings.
We notice our feelings and practice being open about them, recognising that being a little vulnerable in this way helps us all to connect.

We focus on what is working well.
We practice turning our attention to the positive and valuable, such as the things we feel grateful for and can learn from.

We practice safe boundaries.
We recognise this is not a space with a lot of mental health support. With this in mind, we make wise decisions about how much we open up so we don’t feel too vulnerable or uncomfortable.

We maintain a spirit of kindness.
We find ways to be kind to ourselves and one another throughout the session, and practice this kindness regularly.

Next session: Thursday Nov 2, 8:00 PM - 9:30PM (Monthly Frequency)

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11 May (Thur) 7PM UK Time (GMT+1)

Building Resilience - with Dr Neeta Bhushan

How can we be more resilient in difficult times?

Life can often get chaotic. Yet the messy moments are also the key to our growth.

At this special event, Dr Neeta Bhushan will share her insights from years of researching human behaviour and observing people in their worst and best moments. Using a blend of psychology, neuroscience and ancient philosophies, she'll explore what it takes to navigate challenges and get back up when life knocks you down.

By learning to normalise the messy human moments we all face on this beautiful journey of life, we can build our resilience. Neeta will share how four components shape your individual 'Bounce Factor' - and explain how you can navigate the five stages of Falling, Igniting, Rising, Magnifying and Thriving.

We all have the potential to build our mental fitness and expand our emotional skills. Neeta will give you permission to embrace the chaos and find ways to grow and respond positively to whatever life throws at you.

Tickets: Open to all with optional donation. By booking you will also receive access to the event video and resources.

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13 May 2023 (Sat), 2PM - 4PM

What Truly Matters - A journey towards our best possible self

Discover what truly matters in life with our new conversational card game - What Truly Matters! Join us to experience the game and have an afternoon of meaningful conversations and self-reflection!

What Truly Matters is designed to help you explore your values, goals, and aspirations in three key domains - Love, Personal Growth, and Career.

Plus, with 150 thought-provoking cards and self-facilitation, it's easy to play with friends, family, or colleagues.

Discover what truly matters in 3 domains:


What kind of relationship do you want to have?


What kind of person do you want to be?


What kind of career do you want to have?

Limited Kindness @ Work Edition

Get a free limited edition What Truly Matters Kindness@Work pack for every purchase of the What Truly Matters Card Game at the event!

While stocks last!

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30 May - 1 June 2023

The Wellbeing Educator

Come join us for the international launch of The Wellbeing Distillery's exciting new professional learning experience. This unique opportunity combines rich learnings from TWD's online The Wellbeing Educator course with live presentations, discussions, and insights from TWD's cofounders and directors. Justin Robinson and David Bott, two of the worlds most experienced and sought-after wellbeing education practitioners, invite you to experience and learn thirty immediately implementable, high-impact, evidence-informed practical tactics to enhance teacher wellbeing and performance.

Now, more than ever, it doesn't matter if you're teaching Grade 1 or Grade 12, every teacher is a wellbeing educator! The Wellbeing Educator blends science, theory, and practice into a course for educators and school leaders who believe in the importance of wellbeing, and for those who are interested in discovering practical wisdom and tactical applications to help inspire teachers to 'be well and perform well'.

This live, three-day experience, The Wellbeing Educator - Experiential Tactics Edition, provides all participants with 12 months access to the 15-module online The Wellbeing Educator course (valued at AUD$295pp), and then extends and enriches participant learning by providing deep, personal engagement with 30 practical, powerful wellbeing tactics.

Each tactic describes an intentional action with a specific outcome that enhances the effectiveness of classroom teachers. The nuances of each of the 30 tactics will be discussed and explored to optimise impact within the unique culture of each school community and classroom.

Course Learning Outcomes:

The Wellbeing Educator course is about change - changing the way teachers care for their own wellbeing and changing the way educators teach in such a way that enhances student connection, engagement, and learning.

Based on the Wellbeing Distillery's Way to Wellbeing, which develops the pinnacle wellbeing asset - RESILIENCE, adopts the perspectives of CHARACTER STRENGTHS and MINDFULNESS, embraces the pillars of SLEEP, NUTRITION, and EXERCISE, attunes the wellbeing vectors of VALUES, GOALS, HABITS and BOUNDARIES, and explores the wellbeing elements of PERMA (Positive Emotions, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Accomplishment). Participants will gain access to online modules that explore foundational and emerging empirical science for each of these vital fifteen wellbeing components.

Dates: 30, 31 May and 1 June 2023 (3-day workshop)
TIme: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm

Closing date of registration: 28 April 2023 Friday

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